I have an Excel document of all my horses. These include their names, affixes, species, breeds, genders, purity, Coats, etc. This will be for future sales, for example, to make it easier to confirm for me if I have what is asked for.

I have been dead for a while.. sorry

Hello There ^-^ Yes, I am "new". Quoting this, I am saying that this is not my first time playing. I used to have an account on the Dutch server, which included a great number of horses, which under 2 divines and a bunch of Unicorns. Unfortunately, this account seems to have been deleted due to inactivity for 180 days (Which honestly, I have been inactive longer than that at times with the account still existing.)
Either way, I am hoping to rebuild it all on this international server. And yes, I am very much looking for Unicorns. So.... here a little message. 

Anyone who has young unicorn mares or fillies available, I'd be happy for these to pm me so that we can come to an agreement. (of course, I won't object to adult mares with philosophers stone) Basically, I would offer 10 passes or, if I happen to breed a certain coat color or have a breed you'd like, one of those. But I am open for further negotiation. 

Current Unicorn Count:
All 45 breeds

(why I currently only have mares speaks for itself. They are mainly required to get more foals, while stallions, you can use the ones up for breedings. and you can cover multiple mares with a single stallion.)