-----------------ABOUT ME------------------I'm a simple Hungarian girl, who likes to chat with new people. :) I always try to congratulate back. If you want to talk with me, don't be shy!  

-------------------MY BREEDING--------------------  I started my breeding with 1Kazak I Virág and Kazak I Csillag. I think my breeding isn't bad at all, I try to breed unicorns with high GP! I started a new breeding line "Saten" which is a better than the "Kazak", now my goal to breed higher GP horses with the "Kazak" line. Currently my best horse is Saten I-5 La Hima (A-16442 x Saten I Layal Ubnana) with 16,288 GP! The best "Kazak" horse is Kazak XVI-8 Vahl (ᴍɪʀᴇʟʟᴏ ʙꜱʙ x 16Kazak XVI Véka) with 15,744 GP! I love my horses so much.. :) 

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