About Me  

Shout out to  chapera_20 for being an awesome person! Really is the sweetest person here. Check out their page!

My breeding farms are Quarter Horses, Arabians, and Fesians. Anything else I'm just collecting for some reason or I was bored in the  sales one day.

I am 22 and a college student in the Midwest. I'm obsessed with horses. LGBTQ and a cat mama. 

I played this game when I was 13 and was hooked for a long time.  The GP race was just getting started back then and I remember when a good horse only had 4000 GP. 

Check out my goals and feel free to drop me a PM! I accept most friend requests. 


My top goals are...

-Become ranked in the top 100 in popularity   Completed 12/28/2018 THANK YOU EVERYONE!! I ranked #2 

-Be the owner of a top 25 EC

-Own 10 Divines

-Breed a Dressage Skiller 

-Start a Mix Affix for my Dressage Mix 

-Breed a 14,000 GP Lustaino 
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