» I'm looking for an AP farmer willing to do about 200 horses 5-7 days of the week! This is something that can discussed. Please please contact me so we can come to an agreement. 
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» As for my game information, there isn't much to say. I was a competitive breeder of the Gypsy Vanner breed for the currently then third place team known as 1525Beacon. I really enjoyed my time on the team and it was something I wish I could go back to dearly. I do hope that sometime in the future, maybe competitive breeding is something I could return to. Until then, I'll just be farming my BMIS.

Despite my competitive days currently being behind me, my love for the beautiful Gypsy Vanner breed still stands true. This is easily noticeable by the fact that a large portion of my breeding farm consists of them. I'd be lying if I said I didn't prefer the old design for them more!

 I do try to return all congratulations, normally I go on a big spree to return them once a day as I work my way through the rankings when I have time. If I've missed yours please don't doubt how thankful I am!
» Hello, I'm a 21 year old female that is currently living in the UK the place I was born, bred and proud to be. Currently figuring out where to go next with my life so I'm back to being kind of active!
I've made it a point to be as active as I can in the events. Mainly so that when I've got more time and decided to get back into the more competitive side of the game I should hopefully have enough of a stockpile of BMIs to get me off to a good start! This means if you are searching for people who are active in promotions I'm your girl. So don't be afraid to send me a friend request.