-My name is Sarah. You probably gathered that from my username.

-I am 20 years old.
-I love horses but I have never owned one and don't know if I ever will own one.
-Instead, I have seven reptiles.

- I have four crested geckos, one ball python, one bearded dragon, three salamanders, an iguana and a turtle. They are my babies and I love them. If you’re into reptiles feel free to pm me to have a conversation about them (:.

-I do live on my own, with my fiance.
-I really don't have a social life so feel free to message me to get to know me better. (;

Now that you have an aquaintance with me, I'll explain more about my game.

-I pretty much exclusively breed my Australian Ponies. I do have a few Arabian horses but I'm not as into them as I am my Aussies. I also have other horses that the game gave me or for objectives but I tend to sell them, so make sure you check out my horses for sale!

-I'm trying to not only unlock all the coats for both breeds but I'm trying to breed the highest GP that I can. So far I own one Aussie that has over 13,000 GP and I am very proud of that, but I'd like to be able to breed out my own line from the ones I've bought.

-Due to wanting to unlock all coats for the breeds, I’m almost always willing to buy aussies or Arabians that are about to be sent to safe haven. I require all horses to be purebred. Pm me if you’ve got any; -Roan -Mouse Gray -Fleabitten Gray -Flaxen Liver chestnut Aussies. Arabian coats are pretty much empty in my trophies so I’m open to any coats for Arabians. Pm me and we can make a deal! (Please look at my reserve before messaging me to purchase horses)

-I don't log in every day and I definitely don't play as often as I used to as a kid. If you message me I apologize if I don't get back to you soon. I try to log in daily for objectives and seniority purposes but life happens.

-My EC is absolute garbage right now. I'm trying to craft my own troughs and showers and whatnot but ya girl is struggling. I’m slowly building up 2* boxes and producing bridles and saddles for my EC. Any profit made from horse sales and boarding expenses goes to upgrading boxes, crafting more 2* boxes, and producing water troughs/showers/cows for bridles/saddles, etc. All proceeds go towards bettering my EC. It takes a long time to craft these items and I'm just trying my best.

That's pretty much it about me and my game. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to PM me (: