I accept all friend requests! Also willing to VIP fill for teams

About me

Hi there! Call me Riley (or Siren). I am an adult player from the UK so if you are underage please have a parent or guardian's permission before contacting me.

I'm queer and my pronouns are they/them. I'm a returning player; I used to play when I was young and since then have had a few other accounts, though this is my longest-running one.

In my spare time I enjoy reading, writing, and riding horses--I compete in low-level show-jumping and dressage on my employers' horses. I am an animal lover and I work with horses in real life, though I've never owned my own.

My game

I accept all friend requests, and am willing to VIP for teams.

My eq is mainly for private use although I am always expanding it and have opened 40 boxes for public use; any more that I add will also be for public use! Please PM me if you'd like me to reserve you a box. All boxes are 3* with shower/water trough attached on flax bedding and I work hard to keep the prestige high. The price is 200e a night although I'm willing to discount it if you just message me!

Please look in my Sales tab for horses that are either in sales or that I am willing to negotiate a price for! I sell fully blupped/skilled thoroughbreds and will sell at a discount if you are doing a bulk buy. I also frequently put 2000e AP horses into the sales so keep an eye out for those!

I have been on and off this game for over a decade so if you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask! I love helping people and if you're polite I am more than willing to lend a hand.

My horses

Currently I breed thoroughbreds, both for myself and for my team. My own horses I sell when they are fully blupped and trained, for upwards of 100,000e to 250,000e.

My goal for my 'Scorpio Racers' is to breed 500 horses, having reached my previous goal of 200 on 29/10/20.

I am also on the team 'The Fifth Fleet' where we breed high-GP horses to try to improve the breed and sell them for a reasonable price. Make sure you keep an eye on the 'to sell' tab under 'the Fifth Fleet' in my breeding farm for future sales, once they hit our team GP release!