About Me

Hey there! Thanks for visiting my page! I do my best to return all the congrats that I see, if I miss you and you'd like for me to get you back just shoot me a message! Unfortunately I don't accept random friend requests, I do like to chat first so I know who you are!

I am a young adult from the southern United States who stays busy working on a farm! I have played Howrse since I was a kid. My first account was deleted due to inactivity around 2013/14 if I remember correctly. My old user was Cheif Rocks after a Paint that I used to show. (yes I know it was misspelled). I was on both Int and US servers under the same user.

I love to chat so feel free to pm me anytime about anything!! If you are a minor please ask your parents before contacting me :)
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I don't usually have many horses listed in my sales but I'm always open to offers on any of my horses! I usually have some in my "For Sale" tab so feel free to check them out or browse my tabs.

I'm always looking for immortal horses and ga's! I will buy any immortal (no matter the breed, skills etc) for 90k! If you're willing to let go of any horses with skills above 16.5k I'll buy for 80-115k, all you have to do is reserve!
Millionaire - Chris Stapleton