My howrse time has been limited as late

Monthly Contests 

Twice this month I have hosted a contest for the person who was # so and so  for  congratulations  and being that  i can not be  on here 24 hours if you were the lucky # you needed to message saying you were that number the last one was #1000 ( which i woke up to #1019 so there was no way to see who was #1000  I am going to randomly select someone)

Next contest will be for the person who is the #2000 to congratulate me. And  you will have to send me a message saying I as lucky #2000 ! 

Happy Gaming  ! 

Welcome to my page. A collection of Magical creatures that bring happiness to all that see them. My name is Rayne, horses have been my passion since I was just a small child. I have shown competitively over the years, until I was in a horrible accident ending my ability to ride.So when you can no longer ride you teach, others how to ride and become one with their horse. 

I have many horses for sale in  my sales barn and also Other Horses. If you see one that you are interested in Just Pm with an offer.
I mostly breeding Arabians TB  TB/Lust Crosses and Gypsy Vanner TB crosses with some very high GP's.  I also have a large Unicorn  Collection started. I am always looking to add to my Divine Collection if the price is right. I play daily and am very active and spent a great deal of time  here <3 <3 <3 
I have decided that for the 500th person to congratulate me I will give a prize. So if it is you send me a message. 01/06/20202
Congrats to Fandomizer
 they were #500 <3
I am about to  have a huge clearing  out mostly Sella France  and TB and Lusts from foals to 10 years so keep  an eye on  what I have for sale or auctions.
Because it is my sons favorite joke this week  Why is 6  afraid of 7 ? - the person that is 789 will win the next gift  of my choosing. If you were the one to be # 789 please let me know, being there is now way to see who it was being it only shows the last 5.

Next drawing will be for  #1000 if you are that person please message me if I don't message you to  say you have won.

I am an adult player so if your under 18 please ask a parent before adding me, please.

I have a ton of horses in my sale barn - Make me a reasonable offer on anyone in there. And I am all about group rates - want to buy 10  I can do that - There is some pretty decent  GP of over 11000K  so have a look and see. If you are collecting coats - for the trophy  I have some :) Come back daily and look  I am adding more to the sales barn. I am thinning out my herds and focusing on some projects.

Always looking for the following items

Fertility Wands

Morpheus Arms

Chronos Timer

Happy to do some trading for said items.

If you're one of the members that buys horses instead of sending

to  the Safe Haven let me know  I have about 30 of them  looking for new homes.

Somemore about me:

I  Love Love Love Foxes

I am openly Pagan and have been a practioner for many many Moons.

I may not be everyone's cup of tea and I am just fine with that, because I am usually more of less someone;sshot of Whiskey lol