- Skill a rosette winning horse
-Coats for the Lusitano Breed Trophy
-Coats for the Icelandic Horse Breed Trophy
- Coats for the Argentinian Criollo Breed Trophy
- Participate in Five Grand Prix Competitions Trophy
-Winged Unicorn 5th Element Trophy- 1/5
-Bewitched Pumpkin Trophy- 1/5
-Historical Wanderer's Spirit Trophy
-Greek Gods Wanderer's Spirit Trophy
-Seven Seas Wanderer's Spirit Trophy
-Butterfly Wanderer's Spirit Trophy
- Environment Wanderer's Spirit Trophy
- 10,000,000 equus
-15,000,000 equus
-20,000,000 equus

I will remember Frodo When I am faced with an impossible task
 I will remember Sam When my friend needs me
I will remember Merry When I want to fight for those I love
I will remember Pippin When curiosity gets the better of me
 I will remember Aragorn When I can't hide from my future
I will remember Legolas When defying the laws of friendship
I will remember Gimli When I feel proud of myself
 I will remember Boromir When I forget about friendship
 I will remember Arwen When I sacrifice things for the people I love
I will remember Elrond When trying to make wise choices
 I will remember Galadriel When I see that someone has the potential to change the world
I will remember Éowyn When I cannot be with the one I love
 I will remember Éomer When I look at my siblings
I will remember Theoden When I see my family for the last time
I will remember Gollum When I want something to myself
 I will remember Faramir When I feel worthless
 I will remember Denethor When I'm blinded by grief
 I will remember Grima When fear controls me
 I will remember John Ronald Reuel Tolkien When I reality is ruining my dreams
But when it's time to read the last sentence one more time And close the book forever more I will remember one last time That John Ronald Reuel Tolkien has given me a light in dark places When all the other lights went out.