Hello! My name is Marie.  I'm a graduate student studying climate science with past education in photography.  The goal is to go into environmental communication. I'm 23, with a relatively busy schedule during the school year but I make time to be online every day.  
I avoid entering over anybody in comps as best as I can.  Especially in <20 comps.  If you feel I failed in relation to one of your horses, let me know (nicely, please) so I can make it up to you.                                                                                                            I do accept (and encourage) random friend requests and am happy to talk to anyone.  I love to help new players (or anyone really) so please don't hesitate to reach out with questions. Or ask for help with objectives, the game in general etc.  I do remove friends from the list when they've been inactive for more than a few weeks or so- if this happened to you and you're back, let me know and I'll re-add you. I frequently go through my list and congratulate everyone, and sometimes give small gifts, so this just keeps my list a little shorter. 
 ~Majestic Gold~ is currently recruiting. Message myself or lyndallv to apply.                                                                                             My marwari team ~Majestic Gold~ is my pride and joy on this game. I have dramatically decreased time spent on other breeds in favor of doing everything I can to help this team succeed. We are a close knit team who wants to work together as friends and we value each team member as an irreplaceable individual, regardless of blups per week or any other metric. 
Horses under the "for sale" breeding farms are for sale, or will be eventually, and you should feel free to make me an offer.  The "future sales" tab is for horses above release.  I cannot sell these horses currently but would happily reserve them for you until I can.  Otherwise, feel free to make an offer on most of my horses as long as you plan on being respectful if I say no.