About Me

Welcome to my Page! My name is Olliver and I've recently gotten back into Howrse. I am not a new player and have been playing since 2009, however I grew bored with it and left for a couple years. Now I'm back with a new breed and goals to try out. 

I am very familiar with horses and work with them on a daily basis making this game all the more fun. I own 2 horses IRL and love them to pieces. Tarzan is my oldest mustang mare around 20 years old. She is a grumpy old lady but she is very easy going and loves trail rides. Goliath is a Quarter Horse gelding that stands at about 16 hands (Hence his name XD). He's a gentle giant though, unless he sees a snake then its a rodeo. 

Goals and News

I am currently trying to create a Thoroughbred line that is blupped and competition ready so it might take me awhile. 

I am also interested in breeding unicorns. I have not however had much experience in this and would welcome any advice anyone would share about breeding unicorns :)
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