I am an adult player. I am from the Netherlands but live with my husband, kids and dogs in beautiful Laos. I got back in the saddle again in January 2021 after a break of more than 17 years. I am now teaching at our local stables and enjoy spending time with horses and riders. It for sure is a very different experience here than riding in the Netherlands, but we have loads of fun. 

Loads of horses for sale!

I have quite a few horses for sale. Please have a look around. I have many different breeds, often a few unicorns and some rare coats. 

If you want to buy a horse that is not for sale, you better make me a real good offer (hint: passes) for me to consider selling them (as they are all in my stable for a reason).  

Equestrian Center Open for Boarding

My Equestrian Center is open for boarding. There usually are a few spaces available in my EC. All the perks, only 20 Equus per night, and the prestige is slowly increasing. 


I am an active member of 2 teams and frankly don't have the time to be a part of any other teams. If however you are interested to become a part of Happy Trails or Unis Uprising, send me a message and I can get you in touch with a recruiter.