Day Four:  still no sleep, not that I’m counting. Oh, wait...

I used to think not sleeping meant getting LOADS done. Eh, not so much. I tend to get LOADS of things done improperly. Not much time savings. Just a word to the wise.

I need to learn to loom. Can no one teach me? You could be the very first recipient of... very special sweater! You may not want to ask, but it will be lovely. That is, when I learn to loom on a night in which I cannot sleep, then track down someone who can actually knit. Know thy self; know thylimits. Knitting is not for the weak - those are some seriously big, sharp needles! 

Still sticking with this nugget of wisdom:  Do not, under any circumstance, punch your unicorn in the nose. Not because they refuse to beget more naughty unicorns, not because they refuse to win races (especially since rookie comps have *poofed* - or maybe they only poofed for the naughty unicorns?), and DEFINITELY not because of their...unique sense of humor. Just sayin’. 

Unicorns in my barn do not know HTML.

With respect,