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Before you make an offer, please read the following;
1. Don't ask what my lowest price is. Make a real offer.
2. I will not "hold" a horse for you so please don't ask.
3. Equus or Pass offers only.
4. You will need access to the reserved sales.

Generally, only the horses in my For Sale tab are for sale. If you really want a horse from another tab, feel free to message me with an offer. There's no harm in asking, but please don't be surprised if the answer is no.

I'm happy to offer coverings from any of my horses (except for Donkeys and Draft), just send me a message!

Iris Coat coverings - I have three high GP Lusitano purebred males (pages 5 and 6 of the Skiller tab). PM me if you would like a cover.
I try to avoid outbidding new players, but I don't always notice! *New players: If I outbid you, please let me know.
-  I will try to avoid outbidding you in future.
- I might be willing to sell you the horse if I won the auction. (You will need access to the reserved sales).
- Price for new players: the amount I paid for the horse + 10% to account for the sales tax.

*I consider a new player to be someone with less than  60 days seniority and less than 100 horses.

If you are not a new player and I won a horse that you wanted, feel free to message me with an offer. Don't just add 10% to the price I paid, as this is something I only do for new players to help them out.

To all players: Please note this is not a guarantee that I will stop bidding/ sell the horse to you, as I may need the horse to complete a trophy or to boost my skill level.
Rude or non-game related messages will be ignored.

There are GA and HR themed threads in my forum. Have a browse, suggest new themes and share any creations you know of!

I'm a little less active with this at the moment due to university work, but feel free to contribute to the topics or PM me about them!

Golden Apple themes:
Antlers - Art - Birds - Cats - Chimeras - With Companions - Dogs - Dragons - Food - Insects - Nature - Rainbow - Sea Creatures - Series/ Sister Collections - Water - *Suggest New Themes*

Helios Ray themes;
Space - Sunsets - *Suggest New Themes*

Highest General Ranking: 1035th
Highest Popularity Ranking: 2nd

Thank you so much to <Sacrosanct> for making this layout for me!

*********************************************************Looking for this RC*********************************************************1940-normal.png
Nahis by Craqoette (636 copies).
Please PM me if you are willing to sell this coat/ if you see this coat for sale!
Willing to pay lots of equus or passes!

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