Selling GP release Fire & Ice Unicorns! Look at the team page to see pricing and release.
I am apart of Fire and Ice. A wonderful close knit fresian Unicorn team that is currently working it's way up to #1. We have been working hard on bringing you the best unicorn fresians in game. Currently, this team is really the only one I am active in. ---This team is currently recruiting!! Je T'aime Encore is recruiting as well!!! PM me or Orchid for an application. a4bc962b6472bd3fac0f915a0ff0c336.pnga4bc962b6472bd3fac0f915a0ff0c336.png
I like howrse. It's a fun past time. Sometimes, I get bored of it and take a few days off from it and sometimes I absolutely love it and play it for hours upon end. I am a very busy person irl and my real life definitely comes before this game ALWAYS. I value my family and close friends. I am currently back from a long hiatus and enjoying blupping on my two teams. I am pretty laid back and friendly and nice. "There's beauty in all of us. Sometimes, it's just harder to see it in someone because of all the pain that is as thick as fog on a cold winter night."
04/25/20- Reach 3k likes for Goals. Currently-Offline