Hi guys, 

I´m T and I´m from the Czech Republic. I´m an adult player (barely, but yeah, already reached the age)! I accept most of the friend requests, but not necessarily all of them. I´m a volleyball player and pianist. Wanna be a programmer. Do not expect me to be here every day twice as much during the summer.

Wanna chat a bit? About sports, music, anime or any other topic don´t be shy (coz I am...d8183e948e6d05a3b3fc6e36a4b97d1a.png). I can speek (or write) English, Spanish, Czech, Slovak, basic Russian and a bit of Japanese (but don´t have a japanese keyboard ;D).
I looove learning new languages and cultures so if you´d want to share these with me I´d be really greatful.e7e0b504610fac2eb3eaba34d6edee5b.png

You can definitely text me, if you want to buy any of my horses and we can make a deal. The basic price is 3500 under 3 years and 5000 any older horse, then I usually add 1000 for either a horse with 100 BLUP, rare coat or over 10000 genetic potential. I´m willing to sell most of the horses from the Retired horses... I'm open to offers of any type. And I also buy horses. Even those with bad potencial or in bad condition. It's better for the owner to sell them to me than to put them in a safe heaven.  

And now, if you are really interested or simply bored you can get to know something about me. As I already mentioned I play volleyball and I´m the Middle. For piano I prefer modern, jazz or romantic pieces over classiscs. My top performance till now was I think Grieg´s March of Trolls (or dwarf- depending on the translation) and Vanished days. I really like maths and languages, which is one of the reasons I want to be a programmer. I´m also quite into reading. Mostly detective, fantasy or sci-fi stories, but I´m opened t try something new. So if you have any recommendations I´ll gladly accept. And the last thing I mentioned before is that I like anime. I´m not that kind of hardcore weeb at all, but I´ve seen quite a lot and I´m not planning to stop watching. 

I enjoy RPG, but I´m not good at finding any, so if you know any, let me know, I´d love to join.

See ya, T