I am an 18 y/o female who is currently taking a gap year before starting online college classes. I love to read sometimes and I am always watching shows and movies on Netflix If you have any suggestions feel free to PM me please! I'm always looking for some new stuff to watch. 

I... of course... work and ride at one of my local barns and I have been riding since the 2nd grade and have been riding at my new barn for 2 years, hunter/jumper, and have been working there for 3! I love every single person that I work with and ride with they are just lovely. I also work with my sister!! (:
I am always looking for new horses to train and BLUP and breed for higher skills and GP and then selling them for what they are worth. If you have any horses that you are trying to sell feel free to PM and reserve them to me for a low.

I am focusing on breeding high GP Lusitanos and I have recently starting breeding high GP Selle Francais. Feel free to check them out.
I accept ALL friend reguests!!

I will buy ANY unwanted horses for less than 5k and I will buy foals for 500equus just PM me and reserve the sale for me Thank You!!<3

Thank you so so much to BonnieScotland for this beautiful layout! Go visit her page and her work  she did an amazing job!

PM me anytime to start a conversation I answer to everybody!

I am always selling some extra foals and horses from my farm just to keep the rotation going so you can always take a look at what I have up for sale. 

If you see a horse in my farm that is not up for sale and you are interested in it don't be shy to place an offer just PM with your highest offer and we can work something out.

Please note that if one of the horses you are interested in is one that I am not willing to sell then please respect that. Thank you!