Hello. I was on Howrse for many many years before it was recently removed because I didnt have access for 3+ months. I was CalicoWoolfe. I raised Shetlands and Appaloosas. I was just a casual player, collected pretty horses, decorated most all mine with golden apples and helios rays (and meduses blood). Never cared for blup or things like that. I had many special horses and retired coats. :( So I finally got access again, just to find out I was deleted. The amount of money I had spent on that account. *sigh*
Anyway, Im back with Purebred Shetlands and Appaloosas and Im actually attempting to play Howrse the way its ment to be with its genetics and such even tho I dont quite understand it (which is why I never attempted before). I'm a very friendly player so feel free to send me a friend request and/or a message.