2491378d33154a96a2c9af449897f8b5.png10. July. 20182491378d33154a96a2c9af449897f8b5.png
I just got twin unicorns, both of them female. Don't touch me I'm emotional.

2491378d33154a96a2c9af449897f8b5.png12. July. 20222491378d33154a96a2c9af449897f8b5.png
Got another female unicorn. EASY.

2491378d33154a96a2c9af449897f8b5.png20. August. 20222491378d33154a96a2c9af449897f8b5.png
Completed the full 7 days streak of objectives for the first time today! :] The horn of plenty SUCKED tho... But still feels good. 

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