Buying chronos timers for Equus! PM me!

For those who do not know, I'm ~Conspiracy~ there was a clue behind my username.
Unimpressed by the loss of my team and an ex member stealing gp without crediting the previous members. Can you trust your best friends any more?

Those who recently have had bans. Don’t cry. You have a 30day break from the game. At least you havnt completely lost over thousands of pounds worth of stuff. Get over it. Your things will be there when you return d8183e948e6d05a3b3fc6e36a4b97d1a.png

I am firstly, Overwhelmed with amount of help and support I have had upon my return. I'm glad to see there are still many on the game who have kind hearts!

A big thank you to those who have helped support my return and helped get me on my feet. Some virtual love for you all!! 
List is not yet complete until I can check through everything I collect - If I missed you I just haven't checked yet!