Hello everyone! My nickname is Kmart and I am an Adult player.  

I have been on Howrse for a couple of years and lost my last account :(

I am happy to accept any friend requests, so send me a request!

If you need help with events or achievements, please send me a message and let me know, happy to help where I can 

My Horses

Working on Vanners, Knabstruppers, and Arabians at the moment 

Happy to sell any draft horses, or any others in 'The Other Horses' tab for any offers over 3000 Equus. 

Arabian Unicorn Coverings for 3000 Equus
GP21638.55  BLUP100


Try Your Luck!

Congratulate 5 Topaz to win 50 Equus from each or 10 Passes from one

Topaz Topaz Topaz Topaz Topaz

Defrost a Frost for a change to win a Hypnos Blanket 

Frost Frost Frost

Stroke 5 Xanthos to win 10% energy or possibly a Horn of Plenty
Xanthos Xanthos Xanthos Xanthos Xanthos