About Me:
ELLA :: 17 :: BORING AF      I'm not a new player. I've been on this game since around when it first came out, and sadly my last account, Callofthewild, was deleted. I think this is due to me not touching that account for about a year lol.

I decided to get back into the competitive side of Howrse - even after saying I wasn't! I'm currently in the team 'REIGN', and I couldn't be happier - they're amazing!
what do i like?
Video Games: Elder-Scrolls series, Battlefield 1 & 3, Black ops 2, GTA V, Dragon Age series, Destiny, Battlefront, Just Cause 3, Assassin's Creed series, Spyro series. There's a lot more, but this just what comes to mine!   TV Shows/Movies: The Walking Dead, Game Of Thrones, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, anything Marvel!                                                                           Music: Sorry, but I still love One Direction. I saw Harry Styles in Dec and I was front row! Other than that, I like pretty much anything. Post Malone is pretty good, idk there's a lot I listen to. Feel free to message me about anything here! I love to fangirl lol, especially over Marvel!
random stuff
 I absolutely love classics (the subject), and I was lucky enough to go to Italy & Greece for a school trip! It was absolutely amazing, Rome was the best part. The Colosseum is actually much bigger than I had anticipated, and they have free sparkling water on the streets, how cool is that! I'd love to go back there. Also, Italian gelato is beyond amazing. I literally haven't had any ice-cream or gelato since I've been back because I know it won't be the same. That also goes for the pizza and pasta. Ooh, and if you're going to Rome, check out the Vatican! It's STUNNING!