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*Working on the layout now.*

heroine made this layout!
My Game

-I BLUP Australian Ponies for Aussie Legacy 17. These horses are NOT for sale.

-I took a long break from horse and only logged in for messages for a while.. I am getting back at BLUPping and Collecting coats again! c:

-I only sell a horse if I put it for sale. Currently NONE are for sale.

My agingfarm got a little small during my break, if you have any horses you don't want or need, I'd like to take over them and give them a new place to stay. Send me a PM if you want to sell your horses.


I will start keeping track of my achievements from now on. I think it will be fun to look back and see what I did to be where I will be than. And it is a fun way to fill the presentation C: