Welcome to my profile! I am a woman from Norway. I ride icelandics IRL, currently i am working on a green 9 year old mare in the process of being gaited. She was just started this summer. Very, very fun experience! So i was pleased to discover icelandics in this game when i returned! 
I will be breeding Icelandic Horses. Probably not on a competetive level as i am not interested in spending to much money on passes. I once upon a time used to be on of the top teams breeding mustangs when they first came out. So i am an old player returning to howrse, sadly my old account seems to be gone. I used to go under the nick Whip:It back then. 
All horses are for sale for the right price, probably. So don't be ashamed to pm me an offer. :)
Horse: Valtýr fra Kirkjubæ. Photographer: Me. 
i_love_icelandic_horses_by_wishmasteralchemist-d35owgw.png c7a7e7390c0ef8c3761c42cddd2cb952.png e2c29e21c3c16426d7d54b2ef564b729-d39lyi7.png 2a0e1bf4d0dac9a153e729d57c44dca0-d2gg69m.png 3a6c36daab0d8354487860b565101910-d4l67xm.png
Stamps by WishmasterAlchemist on deviantArt.