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I really need to organize this. And I also have no place to put this. So. I'm always on the lookout for GAs or RAs, preferably immortal. In terms of BMIs, customization items and performance items are usually my top bet, except when the promos come around. Then it's Challenges and Horns.

Dressage Champion is leaving! Go stop by her page before it disappears!

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About Me(and my game)

Welcome to my page for whatever reason you stumbled on here. I'm a semi competitive player game wise, and I prefer to breed Selle Francais horses and Thoroughbreds. I've heard from several players that Lusitanos might be a good bet in breeding too, but I think I've spent too much time invested in my previous breeds. I do halfbreeds too, and I don't do much with purebreeds. I just breed as it goes, I guess. 

Other Information

My team Dancing Comets is recruiting! We're looking for an AP farmer, and plan to make the move for the top three teams by this end of summer. PM Brooke Chastek, kittygirl03, or myself for the recruitment applications. We now require at least two recommendations to join the team and ask that you be willing to learn. 
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