Actively in search of an AP farmer!!!! PM me for details. Must be able to do at least 150 horses (I have about 1,000 of them to farm, so I'm okay hiring several people but I only have so many co-management places that aren't already reserved to team members). Please message me if interested.

About me....
Soooo.... i had a presentation up until i little while ago, but a dare with a friend got it deleted XD. Will try and fix up something to put up here soon, but i am awkward so it might be a bit. Until then.... here is a bit about me. I’m 22, a bit of an emo (ok maybe more than a bit), like soft squishy things, music, mainly rock, metal, emo, punk rock, etc, i can’t stand the colour orange unless associated with Halloween, i play the electic guitar and the drums, am horribly photo shy, have BPD and PTSD, like silly jokes, being goofy, and pulling pranks, vampires are cool, am in cyber security major, i have a motorcycle, i dye my hair all sorts of neon colours, i love the original Monster Energy drinks, i have two dogs that i rescued from people who did not deserve an animal..... will add more once i think of it. Like i said, I’m awkward, so most likely i will send you a friend request before i make up my mind to message anyone, but chatting is always appreciated.

Song of the Day..... "I Like it Heavy" by Halestorm