Hi! You can call me Meskimo. I enjoy playing Howrse. I am returning on a new account after being away for a couple of years and finding my old account deleted. My old username was mdoty3. If you knew me from back in the day, send a message! 

About Me: I am in school to be a Video Game Designer, I breed guppies somewhat professionally and I have a deep love for memes, dark and sarcastic humor, and for puns.

If you can combine all 3, I will instantly be your friend, and we shall fly away together into the sunset. 

Now, on to rules about messaging me. 

Feel free, about whatever. If your message intrigues me, I'll respond. 

If you are wanting to sell me horses, feel free to try. I might buy if the price is right.

 If you try to scam me, I will also respond... Possibly vulgarly, and I will definitely report you.

I am looking for a breeding partner or two for my Draft Horse line.