My name is Taevali, I am not a new player but I am returning after a long hiatus. My last account was over three years old. I am an adult player, and breed competitively. I plan on buying a hundred or so passes a month once I move house in May. 

I am an artist, and did in fact draw the art above. You can find my art over on deviantArt under Taevali. I do take commissions, please PM me if you are interested - I draw horses and anthro characters primarily but I am always open to trying new species.

I am currently working on building an AP farm, I am buying any horse under 3000 equus. Please PM me if you find something to your liking, I am always happy to negotiate. 

Quick Links -

Xanthos #1
Xanthos #2
Xanthos #3
Xanthos #4
Xanthos #5

Please find other examples of my art below, and further examples in my Equestrian Center's forum.

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