I was BLOCKED by a respected player + drama about the new Howrse rules! Check the topic about it in my forum if you want to read about it!

My team, Welcome to Trench, is recruiting. I am breeding Russian Don unicorns, trying to bring more to the game, and bring the GP up. If you are interested, please PM me. I'll loan unicorns to those who don't have any to begin with.

I'm buying all GA's for 200k now. You don't have to PM me, just reserve if you want. :)

My presentation is long and boring and needs to be fixed. Don't bore yourself.

Wow, Howrse. It must get really boring going out of your way to stop making this game fun anymore. I played when I was eleven, but now there are so many rules that it's almost impossible to do anything, and especially be nice to anyone or make friends. so THANK YOU for that.

And don't come for me. I got my extra stuff from my boyfriend and his sister, who don't play anymore, and also from my own sister. I am NOT double accounting.

I am now a coat collector. If you're quitting the game and have coat collections, or just don't want yours anymore, please let me know.

I would not be where I am in the game right now without these people:

sunshinemonster - she is soooo nice. She's helped me out with unicorns, and we're on a team together, and I love working with her bcs she's amazing. ^_^

Mystical Warrior - she's amazing! So business-minded, and literally taught me to be a team player.

Agree to Disagree - she is the FUNNIEST! She's the nicest person and I love her the most in the entire world. Basically since I've met her, she's been great to trade with and be friends with. Also, she spent three hours with me on the phone, teaching me how to BLUP even though I still suck at it. XD

Owl~City~Fan - she's ADORABLE! She's mah future sister in law, and I wouldn't be back on this game if I wasn't here for her! ^,^

Chessnuts - My fiance, who gave me both of his Balios divines! XD Thanks, boiiii! I love you the most in the entire world!

And I also have to give a shoutout to RachelCinnamon . She is EVERYTHING and has literally held me together forever when I've felt like dying. I love you the most in the entire world, girl! ^.^

I am pretty much just breeding unicorns, donkeys, and drafts right now. I'm in need of pass horses, soooo if you feel like giving me a discount, that'd be great. I'm only using passes to keep up my VIP account. I really can't afford to use them on anything else. Anyway so I'm buying donkeys, drafts, and some unicorns, but only if y'all just feel super nice and want to give them to me for a low price. Unless I'm feeling super nice. Then I'll probably spend way too much money.

I might buy yo horse in the sales that you accidentally sold for cheap. And dude, I'll give it back if you ask, so don't be afraid to hmu. XD It'd be cool if I could get an extra 1k at least or something - ya know, just a tip for being nice bcs there's always a catch, sorry. But it's not a neccisity. I have no idea how that is spelled.

I accept all friend requests because I like being popular. Just kidding. I almost said just kissing. Yeah I'm not doing that right now. Anyway I'm not popular, so I love that for me.

Feel free to offer on any of my horses! There are a few exceptions--Tazar, Luna, Darth Optimus, Shimmer of light, my donkeys, and my draft horses with covers are not for sale. ASK ABOUT ARABIAN UNICORNS. I have like five million. *sob* Please buy my unicorns. Waaah

Will buy any horse for 2k. Just reserve and I'll buy it as soon as I see it. Thanks. I really like it when horses are pretty cheap. That's cool and it makes me happy, sooo...

Oh and I know the things! I had an account on here a few years ago that died because I didn't log on for thirty days because I went crazy and lost interest in the game and I was not okay for a minute. But I'm back now, so I love that for you.

Horse buying:

Female unis: 50k

Male unis: 20k

Any horse: 2k

GA's: 170k

Pregnant: 4k

Things I love:

Twenty One Pilots (I can rap Kitchen Sink! Can you?)

Antonio Garza (I just discovered them and like what. They're the best Youtubers ever and you need to subscribe because I promise you'll love them.)

Colleen Ballinger (She is going to be the best mom, I swear to God. She's my role model, she is gorgeous, she is the sweetest, and she is the funniest person in the entire world.)

Harry Potter (Books, Movies, Musical, Puppet Pals. All the things. And I'm a Slytherin, in case anyone was wondering.)

Hunger Games (Books and Movies)

Dressage in Real Life

So I dropped off of Howrse a few months ago (AGAIN). I think I'm going to start playing again because like, my future sister-in-law (Owl~City~Fan) just joined the game and I'm here to play with her! So hopefully I don't die again.


Welp, I'm seventeen years old. I dropped out of highschool. I was homeschooled my entire life. I did not love that for me. I barely got through my first year of high school and I was done. Being homeschooled means you have no friends and you have to spend all your time doing school with your mom who gets way too excited about Algebra. I'm getting married in January. My fiance is on here if you want to friend him (@chessnuts). I have a cat named Abalone who was a Christmas Present. She's horrible. She's evil, and Howrse won't even let me put her nickname in my presentation because it's apparently bad.


I love TOP but I'm mad at them for dying and then coming back and acting like it was such a big deal. I love MCR, Melanie Martinez, Panic! At the Disco, Alan Walker, Halsey, and Hailee Steinfeld.


I started riding horses when I was like, nine. I took lessons at a stable in the middle of nowhere, and that was interesting. That was like, where I learned all my ground manners. Then I moved to another stable at like, 11, where I learned how to um, nothing. Yeah I didn't learn anything there. 

Then my neighbors let me start riding their horses whenever the heck I want because they don't do anything with them, so that's cool. There's a Chestnut QH mare named Harmony, who is really old and retired and apparently about to be put down soon because she can hardly walk. She taught me to ride! Then there's a black TWH gelding who...hasn't taught me anything because he knows nothing. And actually, since Harmony went permanently lame, I've been working with him. He'll sometimes canter on three legs...? And he's a big bully, but I love him all the same.

I've had several cool opportunities to work with cool horses. I rode some horses in Texas with my friend, and that was amazing. Then, since the owner of the barn apparently liked me a lot, she let me be a stable hand for her and her dad at the World Arabian Horse Show. They won some blue ribbons! That was sicc! That also meant that I got free passes to go in and watch the events happening. *squeals* I loved watching sidesaddle, liberty, English Pleasure, COSTUME (the best), and hunter. Dressage was the best though. The horses I was a groom for did dressage.

Anyway, then when I was 16, I learned to ride English at an English stable with a really mean instructor. I mean, she really taught me how to ride. I learned how to canter and collect and stuff. She was just mean and I quit because that was, um, for lack of a better word, nastable. (Meaning it was very bad.) But yeah. So I did not love that for me.

I'm hoping to get my own horse after I get my own house and stable after I get married after I turn 18 after I get money after I get a job. Wheeew.

Anyway, hopefilly y'all read this presentation because it was completely boring and you needed boring stuff in your life because it's too exciting. Because that's how it works. And if you read all of this about a complete stranger, you're completely strange. So I love that for you.

49th in popularity on 1-5-18.

25th in popularity on 1-6-18.

35th in popularity on 1-8-18.

EC 79th in popularity 1-6-18.