Slowly returning to activity


I'm Looking For:

 Looking for:
  • Nyx Packs
  • P. Stones


- Haflinger: Flaxen Liver Chestnut

- Haflinger: Palomino

- Camargue: Black

-Percheon: Mouse Gray


My Game

I am a returning player of this game as well as I run a small YouTube channel for fun! I accept random friend request, and my main focus right now is on Selle Français. I will change my focus soon as I want to explore all the breeds! Anyways, if you are curious of my YouTube channel I'll post a link to copy and paste hopefully.
If wanting a cover from one of the highest males I have let me know by messaging me the name of my horse, who I should reserve to and I would usually set it for 500-1500 IF public, but it may change either way. If you have questions about me or want to know a bit more about me, just message me, I won't bite!
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