Updates: Check out my beautiful Paint newborns for sale!!
About Me: Hello! I am a female college student living in the USA. I have been riding horses most of my life, and currently own a Paint horse that I barrel race. I also love traveling, reading, baking, country music, and watching Netflix - currently, Criminal Minds. Feel free to message me about anything :)
My Horses: My focus has been breeding high GP Paints and Lipizzans, though recently I've started to play with Argentinean Criollos. I offer coverings from fully BLUPped stallions, so if you see a stallion that you would like a covering from but isn't offering from, feel free to send me a PM about it!
My Game: I'm here strictly for fun! I played this game years ago, then recently got back on under a new username, shezoverthetop, based on my rea-life horse, Hez Over the Top. I don't have much money and I certainly won't spend it on an internet game I play to amuse myself and pass the time, so any BMIs or passes I have I acquired through free means. However, I'm always open to tips on improving my game as well as giving tips I've learned to help other players out! I also return any congratulations I see and accept all friend requests :)
My EC: currently in the (painstakingly slow) process of expanding my EC, Cimmarron Stables, which I named after a barn I used to board at irl :) my goal is to get to 100 3*** boxes, all equipped with showers and water troughs, while offering 3*** Classical tack. Currently all boxes are reserved for me and sitting empty, and to save money, I will not open them to the public until I've made decent progress on my goal.