I am looking to build an AP farm and am buying all unwanted horses. If you'd like to sell me a horse, please reserve it for me for 3000e and then PM me. I will purchase it the next time I am online. Thank you! 

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Hi all! Welcome to my page! I have been playing Howrse since 2010, but took a break in 2015 to focus on school. However, I'm back now and ready to get back into the game. I've been riding English since I was 8 years old, and in the last year I have joined my college's drill team and begun to learn to ride Western pleasure.

Current Goals 
Currently, I'm focusing on breeding Lusitanos (see my production in the "Dreams and Demons" breeding farm.) However, I'm also interested in finding a second horse breed to work on. I'm experimenting with Gypsy Varners, but am not necessarily tied to that breed. If you have any suggestions of a high-skilled breed with access to high-skilled studs through public coverings, I'm all ears.

Coverings and Breeding

If you have a Lusitano stud with a GP above that which is currently offered to the public, I would be willing to pay a fair amount. Please PM me to discuss details. Also, if you wish to place an order for a Lusitano foal from one of my mares, please PM me to arrange details.


All horses are for sale for the right offer. Feel free to look through my tabs and send me a PM about any you would like to purchace. Please note that I am in school full time and might take a litle while to respond to your messages. Please bear in mind that I do have an idea of what my horses are worth, and unreasonably low offers will be ignored.

A Fun Game!

Congratulations on making it through my entire presentation. As a thank you, I have a fun game for you. All AP foals I breed are affixed, and their names are based off of a common theme related to the affix. If you can PM me with the correct theme, you'll win an AP foal of your choice and an aging point. I'd appreciate if you didn't google it, but I obviously have no way of knowing if you did so I'm relying on the honor system. Good luck and have fun!