New Year Sale (Still might be on...)

Check out what I've got in sales, there's some great stuff!  Stuff for collectors, skillers (a little out of date, but still good; some might even get top 100 in the Grand Prix) and more. I will be listing more as I sort it out...

Order a horse: I have Vintage Apples and Ow's Rays: if there's something you are looking for, let me know and I can sort it out for you. In most cases it can be on a matching horse if you want.

Objective horses: I have comp winners and 'get the colour bonus' horses, only 10 passes each for the New Year!  Talk to me...

Other objective horses at market rates.

Any Horse: I can add an Unlimited ray for an extra 100 passes

I'm an adult player.  I don't generally sell horses unless I've put them up to sell.  I don't mind you asking as long as you are polite, take a no, and expect to pay the top amount for them.  If I wanted to sell them cheap they'd be in the sales cheap.  

I am however always willing to offer a covering if you fancy one of my stallions...

At the moment I'm into breeding mixes for the reining prix: if you are into that I'm happy to trade covers and work together a bit.

I'm also always willing to help out in events.  I'm on a lot of times during the day (and often night since I don't sleep well!) so I'm a good event friend.  I'm not however one for chatting a lot.


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Looking For Pass Horses!

(Not any more of course... Must get round to posting the results.  I got to 50 horses)
Since I'm always being pretty opinionated on the forums I feel like I should experience the whole getting the full 30 passes and all it entails thing once at least... Unfortunately my ap/pass farm was only just getting going... I think I have a slight chance of doing it by ploughing the passes back into purchasing more pass horses, but I'd rather not! So if anyone can help, with an odd horse or a bulk deal, get in touch! MA horses and over 28's especially wanted, though I might be able to take a few younger. (I will pay... just hopefully not too much!)


Hello to everyone checking out my profile for the ambassador program!  A bit more depth about me and those (possibly controversial!) ideas I put in my 'program'... 

I'm a mature woman, not lucky enough to have a horse in real life, though as a teenager I got as far as jumping and basic dressage in lessons.  These days I work with cats and dogs, and use positive training methods.  Still working out what that means with horses!  I have health problems which mean I am not currently working full time.

When there's problems I like to really try and sort things out rather than win arguments.  I try and understand everyone's point of view.  I'm not perfect, but I try.

On the game I dabble a bit in lots of things: 5 choices was not enough!

Now those ideas... I'm always open to other's suggestions of tweaks or alternatives!

I think in an event that is based on skill/strategy/patience, the top prizes should be winnable by skill/strategy/patience.  Whether you have passes to pay or not, I think the pleasure of playing in such an event is devalued if you can only win it by also spending passes.  And then in the debates in the forums too often the discussion splits into 'pass buyers' v 'none pass buyers' which I think is bad for the community.  However, Howrse obviously feels the need to earn money... since I haven't seen their accounts, I don't know if they really need to! But it is what it is. I'd suggest alternatives would be to offer chances to double prize wins (or some prize wins) after the promo.  Also you could have auctions for divines for passes as an alternative for those who want to spend them.  I'm also sure those who currently pay to speed through promos would still be willing to!  Personally, I don't have a lot of money.  But I'd be more willing to spend small amounts if I didn't sometimes get the feeling Howrse was only interested in my cash.  Taking this pressure off those of us who have less to spend actually might end up making them more money!

As to pass horses... as a fairly new player I was shocked to find that the 'best' way to earn passes was to kill horses.  Yep, I know they are just pixels, and nobody here is really that evil in real life.  But I don't want to be reminding myself they just pixels while I'm playing the game.  I'm here to fantasise about owning horses, riding them, taking care of them... not the knacker business (for anyone who doesn't know, the 'knacker' is a butcher who dispossess of low-value animals who basically aren't worth selling otherwise, both horses and farm animals).  Changing my 'hat' from enjoying horses to 'just pixels' takes me out of the game mentally.  I've reconciled myself somewhat by taking care of my pass horses well in their last few days.  But I'd still rather not...

Problem is, as I understand it pass horses are a big part of the economy here.  Replacing them with a more frequent loyalty pass doesn't replace that economic role.  It seems to me that since pass horses are often former AP horses, the solution might lie in tweaking the AP horse system.  My ideas are a bit vague (they'd need tweaking according to what Howrse could do... percentages that could work etc) but here they are.  Firstly, maybe we could bring in a 'range horse'.  This would be a third alternative working alongside the choices of classical and western: if you choose to make a horse a range horse it wouldn't take part in competitions.  However it also wouldn't need to be bedded down in an EC, and maybe wouldn't need feeding except in winter?  They would need some kind of care every day though (can't make them too easy to use as AP horses!)

So, once you've got range horses, how about making it that if you breed two range horses, you get a certain percentage chance of getting a special horse (sort of like unicorn breeding)... you could call them Chronos horses!  These would be minor divines which are basically super range horses (so still no comps) with an increased chance of finding AP's every day.  Plus they might give you a gift such as a pass (or a Chronos timer!) if you looked after them well for enough days...  They'd also be saleable, so AP farmers could sell them as they previously sold pass horses.

Not sure if Howrse could put in something as complicated as that... but it does show I have ideas!  LOL

Well... hope you take your time choosing candidates.  Don't rush!  And don't choose me if there's people you think would represent you better.  But I will be honoured if you like my ideas enough to vote for me.

Thanks for reading!

Old stuff below....

From the last Great Challenge/Lottery combo.  Makes me very reluctant to spend real money or even commit passes when I'm not sure of getting what I'm going for...

Thanks to everyone who helped in my efforts on Monday morning to earn passes and buy the Divine in my reserved auction.  I got very close, but time ran out.  Which led me to make the following post:

The more I think about it the more I think the situation with the Divine in reserved sales was handled very unfairly.  It was a great idea to give that extra opportunity, but... 

1) Many players will have had him in their reserved sales without knowing it, as it was actually possible without spending passes, and the only notice that he was there was hidden away. 

2) It’s unfair that people with left over clovers have several days to redeem them, but the reserved sales were ended with the end of the Festivities period. 

In more depth: 

On ‘Secret’ reserved auctions:  It turns out that any use of a Golden Fleece, whether bought, won or from clover offers, counted towards getting him in the sale.  Which was unexpected, great and very generous, but...  That means anyone who opened 8 Fleeces, from whatever source, over the weekend, you had him in your reserved sale.  I bet there’s people reading this who didn’t know. 

There was no notice email: the only notice I ever saw was on the bottom of the Golden Fleece buying page.  And then it only appeared IF you had means to get a Fleece.  There are probably people who had the auction but never saw the notice. 

I think it’s great that people with clovers have been given a few days to redeem them.  But what’s the logic in giving them that chance, but not giving the chance for people with the reserved auction to raise passes?   

Monday morning part of my efforts was to do surveys: I’m well aware that Howrse earns money by hosting those surveys.  So even if I wasn’t spending money to buy passes right then, I was earning real money for Howrse.  I didn’t quite make it: I had the auction down to 5 passes, and more pass horses available, but I ran out of time. 

There is still time for Howrse to make this right.  All I’m asking is that those of us who earned it get our Divine reserved auctions back until the 22nd, same as those who’ve still got clovers to spend…