Welcome to my page

Hello. I hope you like my new layout - I made it myself using the code provided by sunshinemonster in their forum. I quite like it so I hope you do too. I am not very active with my horses on here, in fact I only really look after my horses when I am very bored or  when there is a nice promo which needs me to. I try to check the forums daily and as I have accounts on other servers which are *slightly* more advanced this is my account for socializing and experimenting.

The horse in my layout is unfortunately not my own, but an image off Google.

Take a look at this forum. It has lots of great topics in!
Take a look at Lina575's forum puzzles!
(The code for this is: http://i66.tinypic.com/10crgie.jpg. Please help spread the word by sharing this on your page or in your forum!)Funny-Conversation-Starters-1.jpg