Having a massive SALE...trying to focus on breeding TWs and Friesians, please check out my sales tab! 

Currently in search of HOG companions, please let me know if you are selling! I will pay a great price for them! 

I no longer take negotitations on prices for my sales. I will ignore it.

If you purchase a horse or item from me, then all sales are final. I will not take refunds or buy them back for the same price because you mistakenly purchased it. Please do not beg or plead for me to buy it back, I will respectfully ignore it.

I sell horses according to their GP or their BMI's. (higher the GP = higher the price)

None of my horses are for sale (unless they are in the Sales / Offers tab) otherwise, please do not ask. 

Hi there, My name is Talon but I go by Legacy in my game. I am 22 years old and I am not new to this game. I used to have an account forever ago (2010ish) under the name Emarosa303 but it has, unfortunately, been deleted due to inactivity.  I accept any and all friend requests. I love making new friends and sharing my love for horses and kpop and my ridiculous obsession with Asian culture (Scroll to see all my unnecessary biases) ce52790629679d930ca16c39a4f619c3.png

I am also a complete Hobbit and Lord Of The Rings geek. Even after 20 years, the films still make me laugh, cry, and fall in love with the characters and their stories all over again. The Hobbit only adds that same feeling again! 

I also congratulate back.  My 5,000th condratulator will win 2 Achilles Heels. If I missed you, please PM me and I will give you your free gift right away. 

Because I am an adult, I am not always on as much as I wish so if I don't congratulate you back just PM me and I will. I also read everyone's page, so if you accept all friend requests, don't be scared if I friend you. I'm a super friendly human being. 2a1af738d56da555be74920210e2babc.png

I absolutely love Kdramas and Cdramas: My top favs are, The Untamed; L.O.R.D Critical World; Chinese Paladin 5; Fights Break Sphere; Novoland: Castle in the Sky; Gu Family Book; The Lost Tomb; Once Upon a time in LingJian; and many many more. 

~ Please sign my ~Guest Book~, I will return the favor. I check my forum everyday! 50585be4e3159a71c874c590d2ba12ec.png0bcb59b20b3d6ca052d914412ddf00ab.png

About My Howrse: 

My main focus is Tennessee Walkers and Thoroughbreds. For fun, I breed Friesians and Marwaris. I also experiment with other breeds in competitions.

I do not sell my divines unless I am offered a very pretty penny for them (meaning they are only worth passes) otherwise do not ask for a trade or a deal (I have been there/done that and was only screwed over due to my kindness). Divines are very rare and hard to come by (not to mention extremely expensive) So I do not take negotiations on divines I decide to sell.

I am mostly here to breed beautiful horses, make friends and have fun. I collect golden apple and retired apple coats and my goal is to eventually collect all of them under my own affixes. This has always been a huge goal of mine for a long time so I plan to stick with it. Any GA's or RC's under any of my affixes are not up for sale (unless I have an extra coat or if they are in the Sales tab) otherwise please don't ask. 

The biggest thing about me is that music is my life. Korean music is my all time favorite genre of music. I love the ballads the most. My favorites:

Kpop Ult groups:  Fav Song: Bias/Bias wrecker:

History  Psycho Kyungil
2PM Electricity  Taecyeon
TVXQ  Mirotic and Catch Me  Junsu and Yunho 
Super M No manners Taeyong and Kai 
NCT 127 Limitless Taeyong 
NCT Dream Boom Renjun
WayV Love Talk Yang Yang and Kun
A.C.E  Take me higher Junhee
Victon Flip a coin Byunchan
CIX My New World Bae Jinyoung and Hyunsuk
Imfact Nanana Jeup
Enhyphen Given-taken Jay
In2it ULALA: Poisoning  Inpyo
The Boys Shake You Down Eric
UNVS Solar Eclipse  Eunho
VAV Give Me More  Ace and St. van
Ateez Pirate King Seunghwa and San
Exo  Monster Kai 
Shinhwa That't right Minwoo 
BTS  Blood Sweat &Tears Jimin 
Pentagon Basquiet  Kino
KNK  Sunset Heejun 
Astro                            Blue Flame   Moonbin 
SF9 Midnight Road Rowoon 
Oneus Valkyrie Leedo
TXT Our Summer Yeonjun
UNVS Solar Eclipse  Eunho 
Noir Lucifer Siha and Junyong
Black6ix Swamp of Despair Jungwoon 

K-rock Ult groups:  Fav Song: Bias:

FT Island Wind Hong-ki
Onewe  Parting  Yonghoon
The Rose She's In The Rain Woosung
Day 6 Can't Stop The Rain Young K
TraxX Crazy Jay
Bad Romance After (lead singer)

K-Ballad/Solo Ults: Fav Song: 

Lee Hong-Gi Pathfinders
Zhoumi Half of Me
Park Hyo Shin Goodbye
Kim Junsu (Xia) Flower
Lee Taemin Move
Kim Jaehwan  Begin Again
Ha Sungwoon Bluemaze
Lee Minwoo Kiss It Away
Jackson Wang 100 Ways
K.Will  We Never Walk Alone
MC the Max Just a Moment Goodbye
Monday Kiz Hardest Word
4 Men Only You
Lee Seungi Last Words
Kim Donghan Call My Name
Lay  Don't Let Me Go
Kim Jongkook Walking In One Spot
Hong Eunki Breathless
U-Know/Yunho City Lights and Follow 

~ My favorite Chinese singers/bands are Li Qi and Zhoumi ~

~ My favorite Japanese rock bands are UVERworld and FLOW ~

~ My favorite Musical Actors are Jeon Dong-Suk and Kim Junsu ~

*** I also have a whole lot of other stan groups and solo artists that I listen to but that would take way too long to name them all  LOL *** But feel free to PM me and ask me about it! e7e0b504610fac2eb3eaba34d6edee5b.png

Well hope you guys have a Shintastic time on howrse and you can PM me anytime if you have any questions or if you just want to talk. I am a great listener. Thanks. 8f0d73882229b1f472cf172ee2f66ad8.png

It's a Kpop kind of thing, you probably wouldn't understand...

Once You Jimin You Can't Jimout!

Bangtan Sonyeondan taught me how to Love Myself

Kim Namjoon!
Kim Seokjin!
Min Yoongi!
Jung Hoseok!
Park Jimin!
Kim Taehyung!
Jeon Jungkook!

I Purple You!

BTS taught me to LOVE MYSELF
SHINHWA taught me to BE A FAMILY
NCT taught me to DREAM
NCT DREAM taught me to BE YOUNG
WAYV taught me to FLY
SF9 taught me to LOVE EVERYONE
A.C.E taught me to be DIFFERENT
CIX taught me to SAY HELLO
VAV taught me to GIVE MORE
ONEWE taught me to REMEMBER 
ONEUS taught me to BE MY OWN LIGHT
ASTRO taught me to BE CRAZY
TXT taught me to TRY NEW THINGS
SUJU taught me to BE A FRIEND
MONSTA X taught me to BE A HERO
GOT 7 taught me to EMBRACE MY FLAWS
DAY 6 taught me to HAVE PATIENCE

Personal / Game accomplishments: 

General Ranking:

~ 6/24/20 ranked 1447th 
~ 5/8/20 ranked 1475th
~ 5/7/20 ranked 1560th
~ 4/17/20 ranked 1815th

Popularity Ranking:

~ 5/11/20 ranked 29th
~ 5/9/20 ranked 38th

~ 4/16/20 ranked 42nd 
~ 4/15/20 rank 298th 

Number of Comps won:

~ 4/16/20 ranked 98th

Western GP:

~ 5/11-5/15
ranked 118th
~ 4/13-17/20 ranked 139th

Classic GP:

~ 5/18-5/22 ranked 75th
~ 5/11-5/15 ranked 87th (unlocked my first fountain)
~ 5/4-8/20 ranked 147th
~ 4/13-17/20 ranked 179th

Horses sold to Safe Haven:

~ 4/15/20 ranked 1st

Horses/ Old horses sent to Heaven:

~ 5/8/20 ranked 1st
~ 5/7/20 ranked 3rd
~ 4/18/20 ranked 11th
~ 4/17/20 ranked 12th

EC Prestige:

~ 4/17/20 ranked 636th

Rosettes won in my EC Comps:

~ 3/15/20 first rosette for my We Are Golden (show jumping) comp was won!

Fun Accomplishments:

~ 11/09/17 Official day I started back on howrse
~ 11/09/17 First bred horses as named: (Lalisa, Kai, Xia, Rowoon, Lee Hong-gi, Moonbin)
~ 6/13/18 first bred unicorn: Universal King

~ 12/07/17 first ever bred Divine horses: Blitzen 
~ 12/28/18
first ever Chimera horse: Polar Bear
~ 6/06/19 first ever Wild horse: Misaki
~ 4/10/20
first bred Bellacorn