I'm just a horse...

Nothing to see here...


hee haw I mean what erhhh I'm just a horse not a donkey. Move along...

Wait whats..whats that you got t-t-here?


It isn't a...*rustling*


Don't ask me what happened to the carrot! I don't know... a rabbit must have ate it!!

Feel free to pm me. 

I don't bite... unless you're an apple or a carro- I mean whatttt
I accept all friend requests. 

Mid likes apples!

One of my cute little donkeys!


First Donkeys (November 18th, 2017):

Black Coat: Minnie  

Brown Coat: Honey

White Coat: Zoko 

First Uni/Winged Uni: Helena

First Divine (February 16th, 2018): Je t'aime 

(I won him with my first HOP)

Made my first team  íslαnd σf αsínαrα  with Norah Xu (May 11th, 2018)

Big thanks to IceTiger2411 for making these lovely banners! (banners are no longer available sadly)

 It's so sweet!