Hello :)

I accept most friend requests so feel free to add me. 

kpopper is having a giveaway on her page, pop over and have a look! 

Will be ANY horse for 3kE or under, just reserve to me and Ill pick it up. 

Am also currently buying cheap GA coats, pm me with what you have or reserve them directly to me. 

Unicorns of all breeds and winged unicorns for collections wanted, message me with what you have got. 

Buying any horse with over 4k skills for 8-1000 E, reserve the horse and send me a quick message to let me know it is there. 

I will also buy any horse for 10001e if you need it for your objective. 

I am an easy going player and if you need help with anything, send me a message and if I can help I will, but don't be rude or take advantage. 

Any horse I buy fair and square in either auctions, reserveds or directs is mine to do with as I wish, if you list it for the wrong price, that's your issue not mine, don't message me getting angry that I snapped it up or flipped it and made a profit. If you REALLY want the horse back, send me a message and I am sure we can come to some sort of agreement. 

No children messaging me please. 

I am also looking for a permanent farmer. Pm for more info. 

My team Morgz is recruiting also, very laid back and chilled team currently in 2nd place but gaining on 1st place daily.