Aussie . Twenty Eight . Wife

Non-Denominational Christian

Naps . Books . Gardens . Cups of Tea

Plant-Based Lifestyle . Artsy . Animal Obsessed

Whovian . Trekkie . Hufflepuff . Crime Show Binger

Friend Requests Welcome! Happy to chat or help out (if I can).

Playing just for fun. Not always active. Will respond to messages eventually.

First account 2007 - 2013 (BreeKay) / New account 2017 + (Miss_Kay_Beez)

Have a great day and a great game!

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Thanks everyone for the 1k+ congratulations! (18.10.20)

Thanks everyone for helping me make the Top 100 for Popularity! (56) (20.10.20)

Y’all are amazing! Top 50 for Popularity! Thank you!! (43) (21.10.20)

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Currently breeding Arabian Unicorns.
XUni (fail) foals always for sale. Foals are in the Arabians tab.
Message me if you’re interested.

WANTED: High GP Arabian Unicorn coverings!
Message me if you have a stallion available. Will pay $$$!
Minimum GP currently accepted: 15000

Equestrian Centre box reservations currently OPEN!
Message me to reserve a box (or multiple).
See the Serenity Estate Stables page for more details.

Adoption & Re-Homing is always available.
If you are retiring and have a horse you don’t want in the Safe Haven,
I will purchase them for $500 and give them a forever home.
Message me to discuss.

Horses in the Coat Collection and Originals tabs are NOT FOR SALE!
I will not be selling Divines either - I work too hard for them.
Please don’t ask. It is nonnegotiable.

**Adult Player**
*please do not contact me without a guardian present if you are under 18 years of age*