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Leap of Faith is RECRUITING, seeking honest, reliable and trustworthy team mates. Do you have the right stuff? Can you provide references? 
Four blups per week needed. No drama queens. 
Ambitious, but not aggressive. 
The Team is fun and friendly. They mentor and encourage.
If you are a solid team player. 
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     Sudan and I want to thank ALL of the players who have been coming over to play with him, and who have been bringing apples to him.  He adores all of you, and of course, he adores his apples!  
    I have named my Rhinoceros Chimera " Sudan ", in honor of him, as he was the last male Northern White Rhino on the planet.  He had to be euthanized on March 20th, 2018 because of poor health, and a leg infection that caused him great pain. He was 45 years old, much older than he would've been if he were in the Wild, due to rampant poaching. My avatar is a photo of him and his keeper at Ol Pejeta, Zachary Matai.  The first link here is the story of how he was captured as a two-year-old.  Here also are two other links about him, and one about Northern White Rhinos in general:


     I was lucky enough to get two more Rhino Chimeras recently, and have named them after Sudan's daughter ( Najin ) and granddaughter ( Fatu ), both of whom are still alive and living at the Ol Pejeta Wildlife Conservancy in Nanyuki, Kenya.

     I’ve been on and off Howrse since 2009. Bluegrass Lad is my very first horse.  I've come back from a short retirement from the game, so I can start afresh.  This time is for fun, and for re-connecting with my awesome friends!

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