Hi there, I’m harlie

All friend requests accepted and all messages replied to (I do my best). 

Looking for P. Stones. 

I am going through the trophies and current one is all coats for each breed. Message me if you’re able to help  

I am also collecting GA coats for no reason other than their beauty and you have my word that they will not be sold off for profit, so let me know if you have any you’re willing to part with  

This includes RCs and VAs. Along with this, I’m collecting all the pets, so again let me know if you have any you’re willing to sell. 

If you see any of my horses up for sale in auctions with no bids and would like to buy it directly, just pm me and I'm more than happy to reserve it

I don’t have as much time on here as I used to so I’m unable to take part in many RPs but still willing to take a look if you have any. I’m also sorry for leaving my own ones for so long, I’ll do my best to get back to them and update them soon! 

I mainly breed Gypsy Vanners and for the most part, I will not be willing to sell any of them, no matter the price. They are my pride and joy. As for my other breeds, I am most definitely interested in selling some of them. Just take a look, pick one or a few out, and pm me. From there, we can work out some prices that suit both of us

Elar made the avatar I am using. Go check out Elar's forum to see the other amazing designs created by her!

This is my dragon egg. [img]https://dragcave.net/image/cyysc.gif[/img] You could also have your own little dragon to care for.

If you are needing help with anything, send me a pm. I am always more than happy to help, regardless of what it concerns. I can't promise that you will hear what you want or get the results you expect, but I do // say what feels right to me. The best thing to do is stay true to yourself, right?

Anyway, thanks for reading all of this as I know it's probably boring. Just remember almost everything is for sale and I am also happy to do item exchanges. Check out my forum for games and RPs. Shoot me a pm and // or friend request. Anything. 

Happy Howrseing!!

Darkie // harlie