I'm eggman! I'm 24. I like art and poetry.
I play Elder Scrolls Online! @greengill [PC-NA]

At the age of 23 and a half, I was officially diagnosed with ASD! I am very glad to have answers about the way I am. 
This week's song: Glitter // Daisy the Great
This week's poem: Vow // Diana Khoi Nguyen

I log in every day, but I don't always take care of all my horses. I have been painting IRL and setting up an etsy shop. Very busy!

I first joined Howrse 13 years ago -- 2008-12-21.

2022-03-10: Sum of all my horses' skills: 2,335,596.10
I am beginning to learn Hebrew. I am improving my painting skills. I am, mostly, happy.