Proud to be a member of the top-ranked Perch uni and Donk uni teams. Always seeking new members.

Happy to help in any way. Just give a shout out.

Yep, I'm over 18 and also have an account on the U.S. server.

Here's my favorite Xanthos.

Stroke five Xanthos each day and win a horn of plenty.

One       Two      Three     Four      Five
Six        Seven     Eight      Nine      Ten 

Congratulate five Topaz to win 50E each.
One       Two     Three      Four      Five

Defrost a Frost and you could win a Hypnos' Blanket.
Answer Archimedes question correctly and you'll win an aging point.

Ow  Ladybug   Buzzzzzzzz   WB  

Critter sales

x1   x2   x3   x4   x5

cowfish  squid  jellyfish  lionfish  surgeon  clown  crab  krill  sea turtle  seahorse

caracara  cardinal  rupicola  hummingbird  arcari  finch  frigate  parakeet  parrot  phoenix