I am always up to make new friends so you can always message me!           You can always message me for coverings or bids as well, but I can't guarantee I will sell the horse. 
At this moment my rankings aren't the best but if they ever will get better I will put it right here.
Right now I am very busy with breeding 10,000+ GP Arabians, which is going way better than I expected. I won't be selling any of my 10,000+ GP horses (unless they're already on sale but you can always message me if you're interested in buying any under the 10,000 GP!
Hi thank you for being interested in my life, my life is very boring so there's not a whole lot to say but uhm my name is Missy and I love horses. Well... I honestly like way more animals especially sloths, sloths are my spirit animals. I have 2 small dogs and a very cute kitty. I also care for a horse, her name is Isadora and she's amazing.                                                I also watch a lot of series, my favourites are American Horror Story, The Walking Dead and Teen Wolf.                   The music I listen to is mostly Pierce The Veil and Sleeping With Sirens.                Thank you for being interested in my life! That's all the interesting stuff I can think of.