hello, this is very outdated but I don't feel like changing it cuz it still somewhat applies lol

I have been on here for over three years holy cow

feel free to pm me, I always love to chat!

give me some good shows and music please!

I am currently looking for:






I will buy any horse for 500-3000e just reserve it for me

I will by any skillers as long as it is for a reasonable price.

If you have a question about one of my horses feel free to ask but please realize that if it is not in the sale tab, then I am most likely not selling it.

 psa:  If you have any questions or any invites I will be sure to respond!

also if you are curious about who i am, my cousin introduced me to this game a few years ago and i have played on and off since. my cousin and i loved horses growing up but i was never able to own one. i luv all animals but have a special soft spot for bunnies. as of right now i own two boston terriers and a holland lop bunny.

i am always in need of aging points so donations are welcome! lol

libra sun  taurus moon  libra rising

Go give them some love :)


^i think her account was deleted lol awkward^