Hello to all!
Some basic info about me:
~ I am an adult player so anyone under 18 please have your parents permission before sending me any messages

~ I have a Bachelor's degree in Veterinary Medical Technology - no I do not ever plan on becoming a veterinarian, I am perfectly happy as a vet tech
     - Please no animal health questions. I am on this game to have fun and I do not wish to bring work into it

~ I am a hunter/jumper rider, have been riding since I was 7 yrs old, and don't see that stopping any time soon. I especially enjoy working with problem ponies (my sister says I have a knack for them) and OTTBs.

~ Aside from horses I like reading, writing, and I dabble in photography. 

~ So far I have been able to login in at least once daily but I do have a full time job working 10 hour days so my schedule varies week to week. I also consider the farm I ride at to be like a second job because I'll end up spending hours down there riding, helping, sometimes teaching. The point? If you send me a message (even just to say hi and chat), I will respond to you, it will just depend on when I see the message.

About my game:

~ I have not been playing long but I do consider myself an honest player. If I say I will do something then it will happen.
     - If I offer a trade then I will make sure to be the first one to offer my item, if you're offering the trade I expect you to offer your item first.

~ I am kinda competitive but also a slow and steady player. I like pursuing high GP in the breeds I have but tend to hoard things like my BMIs and AP for when I really need them.