they/them, lgbt+
gen z - young adult
history student
as school is starting i'm slowly becoming less active, but i'm still here, i just want to put as much effort into my studies as possible!

i play non-competitively and i don't plan on keeping many horses. i prefer to focus on the few i have and try to get the best out of them :-) (fun fact - they're all named after different apples! :-D)

i accept all friend requests and try to return as many congratulations as possible!

i'm a returning player, i had multiple accounts on the hungarian server during the last couple years (if i'm correct i made my very first account about ten years ago omg) - i started to play on that server again, i have the same username there too :-)

i made this one because i was bored and that is what made me return after a long hiatus, fortunately it wasn't deleted due to inactivity :') hopefully i won't lose interest this time i plan on visiting as much as i can, returning to this game saved my sanity way too many times now. the game also helps me keep track of the time and keeps me grounded which is very good for my anxiety

also, if a horse is not for sale i won't sell it to you, i'm sorry :/

2020.07.12. 5th in popularity!! thank you guys!!
2020.07.30. Wilderness visited <3
2020.08.02. i got my very first divine, 小さな! :-)
2020.09.11. Nightmare visited3d92545d1f254a341e34350cbfbf4a7f.png
stay safe!! <3

i'm interested in medieval history, myths, legends, folklore, learning languages, musicals and theatre in general

i love cottagecore, knightcore, light academia and similar aesthetics, i also admire the style of the 60's-80's and art nouveau

i made the layout myself and i used this guide for the coding! <3
current favourites:
music: the midnight club, hatari, ivan & the parazol, the mechanisms
book: the hunger games series + tbosas, good omens
movie: monty python's the meaning of life
musical: monty python's spamalot, jesus christ superstar, the frogs

Have a nice day! :-)