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Welcome To My Page!   Magnolias Choice and Magnolia Dreams are my daughters “horses” and she chose the coat and back ground haha  I was born in Russia and live in the USA now and I have a daughter. The pictures were my Boxers paw prints and my hands and that's her in the bottom corner too. Her name was Isabelle but she sadly passed away in September 2023. I miss her terribly but I absolutely love this layout made in her memory so I can see and remember her always on my page on this game I love. Ꮍꭺꮻꭲꮻꮇꭼ thank you so much for this layout!  I don't play this game competitively just for fun. I am trying to get all of the horses I own fully trained.  Any horse under the -fangs. tab are not for sale but anything under -other. you are more than welcome to send an offer if you see one you like. All friend requests are welcomed and accepted!  Have a wonderful rest of your day and thank you for the visit! If you scroll down, there is some House of the Dragon and Game of Thrones thoughts if there are any fellow fans!  This is random but I also love the movie Secretariat! I get so emotional through the whole thing, but the ending is incredible with the choir singing and him crossing the finish line at the end! I have a Breyer model of him on my work desk. Amazing horse and movie that they made about him. I recommend everyone watching it!     ~ House Of The Dragon Season Two thoughts below ~


1) The first episode of season two House of the Dragon was WILD. My heart broke and I teared up twice. I almost had to turn it off after what they did to that poor child. As a mother I was like goodness gracious that was too much. But I am excited for the second episode! I kinda like price Aegon II Targaryen. He’s kinda handsome now lollll. I’m just a girl people!  
 2) I don’t really have much say about episode two….the funeral was sad and Ser Criston infuriated me like why in the world would he be hand of the king…..and the poor twins.  
3) The third episode I was hoping that the dragon would burn them up in the field lollll. And the queen finally realizes it was a mistake but can’t change what’s coming sooooo guess we are in for a battle. It stinks because in Game of thrones there is a scene where Joffrey tells the woman that Rhaenyra was killed by her brother and eaten by the dragon and what remains of her is buried beneath the crips so I’m sad to know that’s basically eventually going to happen….but I’m still excited to watch and they said that the show was confirmed for season three so hopefully she won’t die in this season yet. I usually don’t watch each episode on Sunday night I wait until Monday and then on the treadmill I watch it! I saw a post online too that says that seasmoke is going to be ridden by that one guy who was in episode one who pulled the older black guy with the ships out of the water. Actually not him but his cousin or brother that shows up. I’m so bad with all the names I’m sorry! If you are enjoying the show send me a message of your thoughts!
 4) So here we are at episode four I believe now and honestly I am not totally shocked or anything because I did read a spoiler thing online and I was just watching the episode and waiting for what I already knew would happen….it kinda stunk in a way that I was excited or shocked but I also like spoilers because honestly for the first episode they came out with I was traumatized with the baby scene so idk if I want any more shocking things like that. Still was wishing Mr Cole would burn and of course he makes it out fine….its always the worse ones that prosper ain’t it…..but also Vhagar kind of gets in my nerves lolll. Maybe I dislike the greens so much and I know it’s just the dragons doing what the riders say but I felt bad when Aegons dragon got hurt and yet I’m hoping Vhagar dies…I also hate his rider. The actor who plays him is also in the show called The Last Kingdom that I loved watching and I guess without saying anything too specific I’ll just say I sort of don’t like his face hahahahahaha. Good actor I guess cause it’s super hard to like you! Oh and I’m going to mention in episode three about that one scene in the….well…you know if you watched it, and Mr eye patch walked out let’s say…underdressed…..sheeeesh like I was not expecting all that and I almost didn’t want it cause of who it was lol. Oh and also at the end if episode four when Aemond or however you spell it had his sword out near Aegon…he was totally going to try to kill his brother. I still really do feel bad for Aegon….. hope things get better for you pal yet I still want house black to win!  
 Are there any other show or movie recommendations y’all have for me? Always looking for new ones ! Thank you for reading and have a wonderful day! Also HUGE shout out to Ꮍꭺꮻꭲꮻꮇꭼ who has literally made every graphic you see on my page! So talented and helpful and patient. Send Ꮍꭺꮻꭲꮻꮇꭼ a friend request and send a gift or a congratulations if you ever get the chance! This player deserves it! Thank you so much for everything !