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I use Autocomp as it allows for blup and skill gain to be reached 
much more quickly, so, if I stomp your horse, PLEASE let me know
and I will try my best to not reach your horse. 
(If you are a VIP, I MIGHT not be able to help tho...you have it easier haha)

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Friesian Unicorn Breeder
E.C. General Rank 4.20.21 : 643rd
E.C. Classical Rank 4.20.21 : 513rd


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THE Bias:  Kim Namjoon
Bias Wrecker: D.O.

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Bookworm Dream Crusher 

My main focus at the moment is my E.C.

 Breed About 

Friesian Riding Horse & Unicorn Breeder

If you’d like to purchase a unicorn or would like for me to breed 
and sell it to you afterwards please let me know, I’ll help you with 
what I can, as I have 1/4th instead of the 1/5th chance of acquiring
a unicorn once bred. 


Selling TWO Divines - In Sales PM Offer
Hobby Tabs (EXCEPT ₣۰Ṗ۰§) Are For Sale PM Offer

If you sell me a horse or I win an Auction or Direct Sale and I re-sell it...
Please NOTE: It is MY horse and it IS IN MY Farm. So what I do 
with him/her is up to me. Thank you!

Special Tab NOT For Sale
No Friesian Unicorn for sale unless under "For Sale" tab or IS for sale.

Horses Age 25+ @ 25,000e (ASAP)
Unwanted Horses @ 2,500e
Unwanted Unicorns @ 30,000e
Unwanted Winged Unicorn @ 35,000e

Horses under "The other horses" are AP Horses: Always for Sale


Black Orchid 1x
Apollo's Lyre 3x
Helio’s Ray 4x
Croesus Fortune 2x
Zeus Lightning Bolt 8x (Have a surplus)
Pluotos Parchment 6x


Morpheus Arms @ 300,000e
Nyx Pack @ 300k or 2x G.A. (Ask)
Zeus Lightning Bolt @ 200,000e
Aphrodite's Tears @ 200,000e (URGENT)
Fertility Wand @ 150,000e


I'd appreciate if anyone could 
Please Help Me w/ Them 
Thank You

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