Am ShibeWolf, I play Wolf Packs on my FB, but I am also manly on here, I do draw so I am in more than one place at a time.

I dislike being lied to, all because you want something and we made a deal and after that you changed it and refuse, I will not take in part of things like this, I will block you on here. I wish not to be lied to or use in anyway. I want to play on a happy game and not be cheated out.


I am in my 20s, I do work full time at my main job, I put in as much as I can, and if I can help out my team I will help out as much as I can. I do not like rude messages one bit or being asked if my horses are for sale, I will sell a horse if its up already or it says for sale. But I mainly sell to one person who helps me out though this game.

I have two Cats at home, and I also have a dog who I got from the shelter. Hes a big baby at heart and still a puppy. My two cats are a rare type of cat who go for a lot, but are never for sale sences I wish not to, but the one in my photo she is a Main-Coon, Free ranged, when born and has long hair Mixed in. My other cat she also a Main-coon but the difference in her that makes her worth a lot and rare, she is a small cat and am not talking about a small cat I am talking about very small, she has long hair and she is in the darker in her fur.