If my responses are a bit slow at the moment, it’s because I just had a baby, and I struggle to get online at the moment. For recruitment for Gypsy Luna please contact eboo3 :) 

I'm from Norway and I used to play this game before my account got deleted because of no log ins... I’m an adult player.

My game
I co-manage the team ΤїлΧ'ᴤ Ṿїᵴїõn for Shetland ponies. 

I'm also on Gypsy Luna and Team Hearting, a GV and Marwari Team that has some great friends and players. Both very relaxing teams.

My newest team is our Tinx standard team Just for fun :D

Tinx's Comps is a side project of mine. I like to breed good horses for running my EC Comps, and getting them up to level, so I have acquired a bunch of horses I breed from, to get good comp performers. For now this is just a mini-project, but will be able to fill comps for any EC soon to get higher prestige. 

If you congratulate me, I will try to congratulate you back!